EZ Doors

Door Setup

via Auto-Create Menu (NEW to v1.2)

1. You can create doors automatically with standard dimensions either by using the GAMEOBJECT menu, hovering over EZ DOOR sub-menu and 

----selecting Standard Rotating Door, Standard Sliding Door, or Create Custom Door.


2. By right-clicking in the hierarchy window and hovering over EZ DOOR and selecting the door type from there.

You can also customize the SPAWN POSITION, DOOR OFFSET, and DOOR SCALE using the CREATE CUSTOM DOOR editor window.


Either of these 'auto-creation' options will create a new GameObject with the corresponding component attached with a primitive cube as the child.

The cube is only meant as a temporary mesh which you can easily replace with your own model. 

NOTE: If the origin of your custom model is not centered you will have to adjust the model's local position to line up with the origin of the parent object.

EZ Door sub-menu

Custom Door editor window

temp door visualization

replace with your own model

via  Manual Creation

1. Create Empty GameObject and rename to 'Door' or whatever works best for your project

2. Reset GameObject position to world origin (0,0,0)

3. Set GameObject Y-position to half the height of the intended door. This will be the "hinge" for the door.

EXAMPLE: If the door height is 3, set Y-position to 1.5

4. Add Rotating / Sliding Door component to Door. This will also add a Box Collider component.

5. Resize the newly added Box Collider to size of the door, equal to the door mesh dimensions and center to door mesh (standard size is 2 on X, 3 on Y, and 0.25 on Z)

6. Add door mesh or create your own door mesh (no collider is needed on mesh) as a CHILD to Door.

NOTE: Adding a CUBE requires resizing the cube to the appropriate dimensions

Rename and reset the Transform

Add Rotating Door or Sliding Door Component

Resize attached Box Collider

Add Cube or mesh as a child to Door GameObject